academie voor zelfontwikkeling

Welcome to this site

My name is Ria Doodeman (born 1951) I am a healer, medium, aromatherapist, higher professional education naturopath, and NLP master practitioner. If you cannot find the information here that you are looking for, or if you wish to make an appointment, contact me please by:

Telephone      0765713703

Mobile phone:  0649592205 


I mentor people in a holistic way, which means that I regard body, soul and spirit as a whole, 

by furthering insight into your inner strenght. I do this from my own experiences in combination with scientific knowledge, in a way that is tailored to your personality.

Do you need some support in your life, do you want to learn how to cope with loss caused by

decease, work or divorce?

Do you have a health complaints, don't you sleep well and do you have too little enery because

of that and  trouble concentrating?

Aren't you at easy with yourself, are changes problematic for you or does your, or your child's sensibility border on sensitivity? You may consider to contact me then. 

You can consult me for:

Healing- Aurareading- NLP-coaching- Tarot consults- Aromatherapy- Meditation-

Spiritual living room nights- A course for intuitive development and mediumship.